My first NPC show!

What sounds better than standing in front of a hundred or so strangers in a tiny bikini? Yeap, just about anything right?

Well myself and about 25 other girls paid to do just that.  August 12th, 2017.  I bit the bullet and competed in a local NPC competition in the bikini division.

 I ended up not placing, but all things considered, I did well for it being my first competition and enjoyed the experience.

I did a 4 week mini-prep for the show.  I was already fairly lean, and didn’t want to damage my metabolism on a crazy diet.  I consider myself an athlete and advocate for a healthy lifestyle first and foremost, and wouldn’t want to be seen doing anything extreme at the expense of my health.  I guess I just didn’t see it as a good example for any future clients or friends I train.

  I did meet with a competition coach 12 weeks out, but did not like the plan he had laid out for me.   With my knowledge in nutrition and training, I knew his plan would get me shredded, but I’d lose a hell of a lot of strength and muscle in the process as well ( and probably would not have the energy to pull through my 13 hour shifts on my busy Oncology floor).

  In addition, I knew from word of mouth that many coaches in my area would try and introduce their competition clients to PED’s.  Not something I’d ever consider, in any circumstance!  Personally, I’m a 100% natural athlete.  I know they’re out there, but no thank you.

After meeting with said coach, I felt that maybe I wouldn’t do the show.  It wasn’t until about 6 weeks before the show that a friend of mine encouraged me to do it, if anything to see if it were a sport I could be passionate about.  

With that said, I felt very lean going on stage.  The girls in the competiton looked amazing as well!  

I figured I’d post this to update you guys about how I feel about competing in bodybuilding, and share my experience. 

Things they don’t tell you about competing

1) There’s so many politics!  Post show, I spoke with former competitors and they opened my eyes to the world of sponsorships, competing, and all sorts of stuff

2) You will be TAN AF.  I had to get 3 layers of spray tan and it cost me $100.  In fact, I had to wake up at 5am to get my 3rd layer of tan, and it was ruined by RAIN!  I had to wash it off, get ready and have it reapplied!

3) You will have glue on your ass and boobs.  You don’t want that bikini to move right?

4) That also means you may have to have someone put concealer on your butt after the glue takes the tan off…

5) You will prepare for weeks to stand on stage for 45 seconds

6) You will stain all clothing you touch with tan

7) You will scare small children and the elderly walking into a taco joint at lunch between pre-judging and the final show

8) The final show is long but cool

9) You will feel confident AF knowing you just strutted your stuff like it was no one’s business (but everyone and their mother was up in your business).

10) You will be swollen the next day from the cheat meal after the show

11) You will be approached by brands and coaches after the show… choose wisely who you allow to coach you ( if anyone), and who you partner with for any marketing!

12) You will spend some $$$.  Be ready to buy 2 bikinis, have them sized, get an NPC card, etc.

13) You are completley nude in front of a stranger for that tan…

So all things considered, I highly doubt I would compete again.  It was fun, but really  not my thing.  I feel I perform better, and feel better about my progress competing to be a better version of myself.  My goals go beyond my physique, I aspire to be faster, stronger, and fitter.

I enjoy incorporating the training   techniques and principles of bodybuilding into my routine, but with the ultimate goal of building an aestheically shaped healthy physique that is also physically fit.
In other words:  I wanna look good but still be able to deadlift heavy, run a mile, and eventually master a muscle up 🤷🏽‍♀️.  Oh, and I also want some clean ass arteries.

I say, if you are intrigued by competing, try it! You have nothing to lose, and you’ll get some pretty good photos of your hardwork from it 🤗.

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