Starting point: Journey to the stage

Dude… I just woke up. I felt normal this morning, by that I meant not extra lean, or fluffy, but it was a good day to take a first day progress photo! 😬

Please, please ignore my laundry.  I’ve worked the past 3 ( I’m a nurse).  A little behind on my home stuff. 

My cut will last 16 weeks. I plan/ hope to lose just body fat, and focus on balancing my lower body to my upper body.  I’m not super lean right now, but I’m feeling good!  Lets see where I am in 3 weeks πŸ˜‡
* I tried taking a good pic of my back, lets just say this goat case isn’t what it was made out to be! 😢
Bikini is from

Current plan:  IIFYM/plant based

115P, 200C, 60F (1800 cal)/day (starting point)

I plan on doing 3 cardio sessions a week, separate frok my lifting sessions.  

My split
3 leg days ( one glute focused, one quad focused, one hamstring and calve focused)

1 back/ab day

1 shoulders/tricep/bicep day

1 very lovely rest day πŸ˜‡
This is my plan for April, next month I’ll change up my macro plan, but my lifting plan is pretty much gonna be the same.  

Cardio varies, whatever I feel like doing, mostly HIIT type workouts.
I basically spent the past 6ish months eating a lot… like a lot a lot and lifting heavy.  Bulking was fun…. but now my focus is getting rid of fat πŸ˜…

*please do not copy my macros, get medical clearance before starting any workout or diet plan

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