Current physique update 

Good morning people! 

So this is me currently.  I haven’t taken my measurements yet, but I feel really goos about where I’m at.  I spent most of the winter “bulking” 😂.  Basically, eating around 2200-2500 calories a day, 140g of protein daily, lifting heavy, and focusing on growing muscle. 

Current weight: 138

Body Fat: 21%

New goal: I already started this as of March 1st, but basically keep maintenance calories, maybe a little wiggle room occasionally.  For me, that’s about 1850-2000 calories a day, I’m keeping the same 140g of protein for now, and probably will maintain it.  I begin my cutting phase April 1st.  Which won’t be a drastic cut.  Basically to support any possible growth of lean muscle mass until then.  

This is my first time ever cutting for a competition, and I’m doing it 100% on my own.  😱  I know that’s unheard of, but I’ve been doing this for a long time, and have guided myself through many successful cuts/diets. 

So, I’ll check in April 1st, bikini and all 🤗.

* please do not copy my macros, all information given on my competition prep is for informative use only.  Dieting and macro counts are gender specific, and vary person to person.  For more information on creating your own macro plan, please take a look at  I may write a post or series on creating a workout split and macro plan for yourself soon, until then, still serves as the best resource on the internet for all things related to cutting, bulking, macros, etc.  

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