My first NPC show!

What sounds better than standing in front of a hundred or so strangers in a tiny bikini? Yeap, just about anything right? Well myself and about 25 other girls paid to do just that.  August 12th, 2017.  I bit the bullet and competed in a local NPC competition in the bikini division.  I ended up … Continue reading My first NPC show!

Starting point: Journey to the stage

Dude... I just woke up. I felt normal this morning, by that I meant not extra lean, or fluffy, but it was a good day to take a first day progress photo! 😬 Please, please ignore my laundry.  I've worked the past 3 ( I'm a nurse).  A little behind on my home stuff.  My … Continue reading Starting point: Journey to the stage

The Cut Begins: 5 tips to shred fat, and complete a SUCCESSFUL cut 💪🏼

So I'm beginning a cut.  I've done a few successful "cuts" throughout the past few years, but this time is a bit different, as it is in preparation for my first bikini competition.  I decided in designing my cut I'd give some tips that anyone can utilize to shred unwanted fat.  Keep in mind, in … Continue reading The Cut Begins: 5 tips to shred fat, and complete a SUCCESSFUL cut 💪🏼

Current physique update 

Good morning people!  So this is me currently.  I haven't taken my measurements yet, but I feel really goos about where I'm at.  I spent most of the winter "bulking" 😂.  Basically, eating around 2200-2500 calories a day, 140g of protein daily, lifting heavy, and focusing on growing muscle.  Current weight: 138 Body Fat: 21% … Continue reading Current physique update